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3 Reasons To Consider An SUV When Making A Bug Out Plan

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One thing that you absolutely must not forget when creating a disaster preparation plan is the type of vehicle that you will use to bug out and leave the disaster area for a safe location. While many vehicles are capable of filling the bug out vehicle role, very few can match the benefits provided by an SUV. An SUV is a great fit for a bug out vehicle because it can provide secure storage, a lot of passenger room, and because many SUVs are capable of off-road travel.

Secure Storage

The primary benefit to utilizing an SUV as a bug out vehicle is that it can provide you with a large amount of storage space. Sure, a truck can provide you with even more storage space, but all of your cargo space will be exposed to the elements. This can result in many of your supplies becoming damaged or spoiled before you get the chance to use them.

However, an SUV can provide you with storage space inside the vehicle itself. This not only ensures that the weather does not damage your supplies, but it can also protect you from loss. Since the supplies are inside the cabin, it is much less likely that your supplies will fall off as you are driving to your bug out location or that someone will notice the supplies and attempt to steal them.

A Lot Of Passenger Room

Another big benefit provided by an SUV is that it can provide you with a lot of seating for extra passengers. This means that you will have an easier time fitting your entire family and possibly a few friends or neighbors when a disaster strikes.

Off-Road Travel

Finally, one of the most useful features that an SUV can provide is the ability to travel off-road if necessary. Many SUVs on the market are designed to withstand the rigors of off-road driving, so you will be able to rest assured that the SUV will be able to handle rough terrain without breaking down.

Another benefit to having an off-road capable SUV is that you can go off of the main roads when evacuating a city. This is very important, as you never know when routes may be blocked due to debris or flooding, or merely crowded due to the many other people attempting to leave the area. The off-road capability will allow you more flexibility when it comes to picking another evacuation route.

Drop by your local dealership today in order to browse and test drive SUVs that can make fine additions to your bug out plans. An SUV is a great choice due to its off-road travel capabilities, passenger room, and secure storage space.

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