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Three Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Motorcycle Trailer

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The sole purpose of purchasing a motorcycle trailer is to protect your motorcycle. If you aren't choosing your trailer wisely, there is a strong chance that you aren't going to accomplish this goal. To avoid this problem, it's a good idea to know exactly what you're looking for. Here are just some of the factors you want to remember on your search. 

Weight Capacity

Make sure you aren't just focusing on the towing weight capacity of your vehicle, the capacity of the trailer is equally important. Failing to consider this factor increases the risk of damage to your bike, your vehicle and any unsuspecting motorists who will be sharing the road with you. A motorcycle that is too heavy for the trailer can easily fail.

When factoring weight requirements, don't just consider the weight of the bike, but also any additional equipment you plan to carry in the trailer to ensure you get the most accurate account. Even with this figure, it's helpful to add in a little extra weight for a protective cushion.


It's also important to consider the distance you will be traveling. If you plan to primarily use the trailer for local travel, you can probably get away with an exposed, flatbed-style motorcycle trailer. However, if you plan to make frequent trips outside your local area, investing in an enclosed trailer is probably going to be the best option for you.

Enclosed trailers have walls on each side that offer protection from the elements and in the event of a minor collision, they can help offer greater protection for your bike.

Width and Length

If you have a standard bike, you don't have to focus much on the width and length of the trailer as a standard motorcycle trailer will likely be able to accommodate your needs. If you have a customized bike, look more closely. Take a motorcycle with customized wide rails or large wheel chocks, for example. Both features increase the width of the bike so an owner with these features would also need a trailer that is slightly wider than the standard size.

Owners with more than one motorcycle to transport at a time also need to consider this factor. In terms of ease of travel, it would make more sense to get a longer or wider trailer in order to accommodate two bikes than it would to have two separate trailers.  

Don't forget to rely on the expertise of the trailer dealer you are working with (such as one from Ace Trailer Sales​). In addition to sales, many of these dealers can also use their experience to help you select the best trailer for your needs.