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Three Signs You Are Overdue For Suspension Repair

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Your suspension system is the part of your vehicle that works to ensure that you have a smooth drive, even while moving over uneven surfaces. It is the direct connection between the tires and the rest of your car, which means that any sort of damage to the suspension's shocks and struts can have repercussions for the entire performance of your vehicle. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with suspension damage can help you determine when you should talk to a mechanic about suspension repair.


The first and most obvious sign that your vehicle may need suspension repair is if you notice that there is an excessive amount of bouncing going on while you are driving—especially if it occurs while you are moving over a relatively smooth surface. You can test to see if your suspension system is in good working order by pressing down on the hood of the vehicle with both hands while it is parked. If car moves slightly before settling to a standstill, everything's fine: however, if it keeps bouncing, the issue likely lies with a damaged shock.

Irregular Tire Wear

Another sign of issues with your suspension is if you find that there are patterns of irregular tread wear on your tires. This happens due to excessive bouncing, which places a great deal more stress on the tires themselves and causes them to wear down faster. Uneven tire wear (or sections of individual tires that have had slices of rubber taken out) point to suspension problems and should be addressed straight away as they represent an increased risk of a tire blowout or a flat developing.

Leaning and Body Roll

Finally, another sign that you are well overdue for an appointment with a mechanic about the state of your suspension system is if you find that the body of your vehicle rolls and moves quite a bit while driving. This will take the form of rolling back while accelerating and moving forward violently when braking, but will be most noticeable when taking turns. Excessive leaning while on turns is extremely dangerous, since not only does it increase the risk of a rollover occurring—especially if you have a car that sits higher, like a van or SUV—but it also drastically reduces the amount of control that you have over your vehicle and increases the risk of a collision occurring if something suddenly gets in your way.

If you notice any of these problems with your vehicle, contact an auto repair shop like Benchmark Motors INC immediately to fix the issue.