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Are You Giving A Motorcycle As A Gift?

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Has your spouse given you hint after hint that he or she would love a motorcycle for his or her next birthday? Or maybe your son or your daughter has outright asked for a motorcycle so that he or she can go on road trips with friends who already own motorcycles. Whatever the scenario behind the scenes of you shopping for a motorcycle, from looking at brand new motorcycles on a showroom floor to buying a used motorcycle, here are some ideas that might help you as you shop for this coveted gift.

​Look Before You Buy

Of course, if you are an expert at motorcycles yourself, you more than likely can stop reading now. You could probably write a book about how to shop for a motorcycle, right? However, if you're not an expert, it would probably be a great idea to look at a lot of motorcycles before you even take out your wallet to make this important purchase. 

Whether you are shopping for a brand new motorcycle or whether you are looking for a used motorcycle, consider going to the showroom of a motorcycle dealership first. Ask the sales person to give you the low-down on several different brands of motorcycles. If you can tell that the sales person is especially well versed on motorcycles, find out which motorcycle would be his or her first choice if he or she was making the purchase himself or herself. 

Used Motorcycles

If you have the cash to buy a brand new motorcycle, more power to you. However, if you are not willing to pay the money for a brand new motorcycle, you obviously still want to get the right machine for the recipient of your gift. If you did go to a motorcycle showroom, you at least are familiar with the different brands and their pros and cons. That knowledge will more than likely help you as you shop for a used motorcycle at a shop like Rancho Chevy & Cycle.

Remember that, while you might want the motorcycle to look nice, what's even more important is that it rides nicely and that it rides safely. Be advised that the seller has probably warmed it up. Still, you want it to start up smoothly pretty soon. If there is dark smoke, you'd probably be better off to just walk away and to continue your search. Look at things like the sprockets and the fuel tank. They should be in good condition. While it's probably okay for there to be a few scratches or tiny dents on the fenders of the motorcycle, there shouldn't be any rust on the chrome. And, for sure, there shouldn't be any evidence of oil leaks.