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Sweet 16: 3 Things To Look For In A Car For Your Teenager

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If you have a teenager who is just about to turn sixteen, you should try to win the parent of the year award and get them a car. But, because it can be a little bit more than terrifying to imagine your child on the road alone, don't just buy them any vehicle. From finding a car that has safety features to getting them a car that has all-wheel drive, this article will list three specific things that you should look for in a car for your teenager.  

Safety Features

These days, cars come equipped with all sorts of safety features. Although these features aren't there to replace your child's driver's ed training, they can definitely help them. For instance, you can find cars that come with backup cameras which will prevent them from backing into anything and cars that have sensors in the mirrors to tell them if there's someone in their blind spot. Although they should be looking when using these features, the extra protection never hurt. 

A Large Car

Having a car with extra metal around it is a must. The larger the car is, the safer it likely will be. Although you don't have to get your child a huge car that uses a lot of gas, don't get them something that is too small either. Something like a midsized sedan may be the perfect way to go because it's not too large and not too small. 

All-Wheel Drive

If you live in a part of the country that gets hit with a lot of adverse weather, then try finding your teenager a car that has all-wheel drive in it. All-wheel drive will give them the traction that they need to get through a bunch of snowy, rainy, and sticky situations safely. Just make sure that in addition to having all-wheel drive, you get them some good all-weather tires as well. If the car has all-wheel drive, but it doesn't have all-weather tires, it's not going to be nearly as effective as it would be if it had both. 

Making sure your child is safe behind the wheel is a top priority when you have a new driver. To not only make your teenager happy but to give yourself peace of mind, give them a car that you know that they will be safe in. 

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