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4 Different Types Of Custom Trailers

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A custom truck trailer can be configured in many ways. A custom truck trailer can be turned into a variety of different spaces that can be used for a lot of different functions. Here are a few different types of custom trailer configurations you can have made for you.

Fiber-Optic Splicing Trailer

A fiber-optic splicing trailer has a lab-style layout that will allow you to work out on the field while keeping your crew safe. The trailer is made from an industrial frame and walls, creating a strong structural base. The trailer will have a fiber-optic cable door, and interior lights, outlets, and service panel. You can add strobe lights and floodlights to the setup as well. Cabinets and drawers can be added as well.

Racing Car Hauler

When you are hauling around an expensive race car, you don't want the car to just be sitting out in the open. You want your car protected. With a car-hauler, you can have a special enclosed trailer built for your vehicle. You can even have it customized with living quarters as well, which is perfect for someone who is always on the road with their race car.

Motorcycle Trailer

When you have a custom motorcycle, you don't want to strap it down on a small trailer. You want a trailer where you can roll the bike up inside the trailer. Where you can strap the bike in and keep it safe when you are on the move, and where you can do a little work on the bike as well, with tools stored inside of cabinets. You can even add a small cooking station to the trailer so you can prepare meals and snacks when you are out on the road.

Disaster and Emergency Management Trailers

When a disaster strikes, be it a flood, hurricane, or some other type of natural disaster, outside organizations often come into the impacted area to organize relief efforts. There is a wide range of disaster and emergency management trailers you can have custom-made, from a mobile command center to a communication trailer, hazmat and decontamination trailer, and even bunk and bathroom trailers to support emergency personnel.

If you have a custom trailer idea, a custom trailer dealership should be able to work with you to create the exact type of trailer to meet all your needs. The four types of trailers above provide you with a basic idea of what is possible with a custom trailer.

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