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4 Features That Make A Truck Stand Out

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If you are in the market for a truck, you want to purchase a truck that is going to stand out above the rest. You are going to want to purchase a truck that has features that make your life a little easier. When it comes to purchasing a truck, you should look for these features

Feature #1: Generator

Trucks are made to get work done and to go on adventures. You want a truck that comes with its own generator mounted into the side box of the truck. If you have an on-board generator with power plugs, you can plug in all of the equipment you need to use for your work or adventure. For example, you could plug in and run a power saw from the onboard generator, or you could run speakers for an outdoor event, or you could run some appliances for when you are on a camping trip.

A truck with a built-in generator can really increase the functionality of the vehicle.

Feature #2: Workbench Tailgate

If you have owned a truck before, you know that the tailgate often functions as a worktable. Go for a tailgate that is made to be a workbench, with indentations so you have a place to put your ruler, your phone, your drink, and some C-clamps so you can hold boards in place when you need to make measurements or make a cut. A more functional tailgate can make your pick-up truck a little more useful.

Feature #3: Foldback Seats

When you spend all day working or adventuring in your truck, sometimes you may want to take a break. That is where foldback seats come in. With foldback seats, you can essentially lay your front seat so that it is almost flat, turning your front seat into a perfect place to take a nap. Seats that fold down allow you to get some rest in your truck if you need to.

Feature #4: Infotainment System

Finally, you want a truck with an infotainment system. With an infotainment system, you can link your mobile device wirelessly to the system and enjoy music from the system. With some infotainment systems, you can also enjoy videos and GPS, all from the same system.

When it comes time to purchase a used truck, look for one that has features that will increase your ability to use the vehicle, such as a built-in generator, a workbench tailgate, fully folding front seats, and an infotainment system.

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