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Use These Accessories To Protect Your New Kia Optima

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When you buy a new car, you'll want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible. One way to do that is to buy protective accessories for your car, especially for the bumper, front end, and doors. Scratches and dings from everyday activities can happen from the very first day you own your car. Fortunately, several things are on the market that can protect your new car without sacrificing its looks.

Bumper Protectors

Bumper protectors work to reduce or eliminate minor scratches and scuffs to your front or rear bumpers. Bumper protectors come in different forms. Rubber bumpers cover the most commonly scratched areas, such as corners or the bottom half of the bumper. Clear films and plastic covers protect your rear bumper from being scratched or dinged as you take items out of the trunk.

Car Bra

Car bras cover the front of the bumper as well as part of the grille and hood. They protect the paint against errant rocks, debris, and dead insects as you drive. Many people also consider them a fashion accessory for their car. Make sure the underside of your car bra is soft, and be sure to take it off for cleaning regularly.

Splash Guards

If you live in an area with a lot of mud, snow, or road salt, then splash guards help keep your car clean. Splash guards limit the amount of material your wheels pick up from being kicked up over the rest of the car. They can reduce the amount of damaging road salt and rocks that can ruin your car's paint. They also add protection for the undercarriage.

Floor Mats

Most cars come with standard floor mats. However, if you live in a particularly wet area, then you may want to upgrade them. Standard floor mats do well in keeping your carpet clean under normal circumstances. Heavy-duty rubber mats might work better during the winter or heavy rains. Not only do they protect your carpet, but they also have grooves to prevent your feet from slipping.

Make sure whatever accessories you get are specifically designed for your new car. If you try to buy a generic accessory, it may not fit as well. Plus, your new protective covers will look much better when they are made with your car in mind. Your dealership has a full catalog of new accessories for your new car. They can find the right fit and even install them for you.

For more information about buying and protecting your new car, contact a local dealer, like Gary Rome Kia.