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4 New Truck Features For Your Next Truck

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If you are in the market for a new truck, there are some more unique truck features on the market that you should be on the lookout for. Not all trucks have these features, but some do.

Truck Feature #1: Tailgate Step

When you put things in the back of your cab, sometimes you need to get up there yourself.

With a step in the tailgate, you can pull out a step that is folded into the tailgate. This makes it easier for you to get up and down out of the back of your truck when the tailgate is down. It also comes with a pole so that you can hold on and balance yourself as you get up and down out of the truck.

Truck Feature #2: Trunk

You no longer have to give up on having a trunk when you have a truck. Some truck models now include a trunk in the bottom of the bed that is designed to be both lockable and waterproof. This provides you with a secure space to put your things and provides you with extra storage space.

Truck Feature #3: Storage Cubbies

Another option for extra storage is trucks that come with storage cubbies. These run the length of the side of the bed and provide covered and watertight storage to keep your gear and things safe and secure. They take up a little bed space, but more than enough is left behind.

Truck Feature #4: Towing Package

Many people purchase trucks because they want the ability to tow things around. If you know that you want to be able to tow things around, you will want to look for a truck with a towing package. A towing package adds more than a hitch to the truck. It also increases the support for the suspension and other under the hood details to ensure that the truck has the strength and support it needs to tow whatever you want it to.

Truck Feature #4: Trailer Assistance

Finally, there is a wide range of different trailer assistance features that you can look for. Some trucks come with backup cameras and mirrors that can be easily modified to account for your trailer. Others offer brake-based sway-control systems for the trailer. Some trucks even offer tire-pressure monitoring for your trailer. If you plan on pulling things regularly, you will want to look for something that supports that capacity.

Decide what new truck features you are interested in and find a new truck that has those features. Speak with a dealer in your area to test drive various brands like Toyota trucks for sale