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Why Should You Buy Your Used Car From The Dealership?

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While you need to buy new cars from a dealership, you've got plenty of options when purchasing a used car. You can consider private sellers or even buy here, pay here lots. However, buying directly from the manufacturer's dealership network can often be an excellent idea, even if you're purchasing a car that's a few years old.

So, before you start looking for the cheapest place to buy your next used car, consider these three reasons why stopping by your local dealership may be the best way to get an excellent vehicle for a surprisingly reasonable price.

1. Certified Preowned Programs

Certified preowned (CPO) programs are a great way to get a used car that comes with most of the benefits of buying new. While programs vary between manufacturers, many offer long-term used car warranties and extensive inspections. These benefits allow you to save money by purchasing a car with a few miles under its belt while still enjoying warranty coverage straight from the dealership.

However, CPO programs are typically only available through manufacturer dealership networks. If you want to purchase a car with CPO coverage, you'll need to do so directly through the dealership.

2. Experienced Mechanics and Safety Inspections

Most dealerships offer safety inspections for the vehicles they sell, even if those vehicles aren't covered by a certified preowned warranty. These inspections typically cover common failure points and necessary safety items such as brakes, tires, and cabin safety systems. Buying a car that's received a dealership safety inspection is an excellent way to know you won't face any immediate problems.

Buying your used car directly from a dealership also means that you can expect certified and experienced technicians to perform this inspection. These technicians have worked on these cars for years, so they know the common problems and pitfalls, making them less likely to miss any issues on the vehicles they inspect.

3. Dealership Financing

Depending on your credit situation, you may have a more challenging time getting financing for a purchase from a private seller. Smaller used car lots also may not work with as many lenders, or their financing terms may be less advantageous. By buying your used car from a car dealership, you'll have access to their more extensive and trustworthy lender network.

Additionally, you'll be able to use the dealership's financing office and their experienced lending team to help you get a loan that works for your budget. If you don't have much experience with loans or are unsure how to get the best deal, working with professionals who sign loans every day can provide confidence and peace of mind. 

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