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The Implementation Of WI-FI On Commercial Buses

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Customers are always looking for ways to connect to the Internet. Many phones come with 4G, but the use of 4G uses up the customer's minutes. Also, some customers are on devices that do not use 4G. One way for commercial bus services to differentiate themselves from their competitors is to begin providing bus WI-FI.

How WI-FI On A Bus Works

The WI-FI boxes connect to the Internet through a cellular provider. The boxes support both 3G and 4G plans. However, customers do not need to have 4G to use these boxes. Given that the bandwidth is handled through a cellular provider, your company may need to use a technical solution to ration bandwidth to individual customers. It will be an important business decision to determine exactly how much bandwidth you will provide individual customers. If you do not purchase a large enough data plan, data will be streamed very slowly and your customers may be frustrated at the slow speed. This can be solved by purchasing more data, but the benefits of providing more bandwidth would have to be weighed with the costs of offering the service.

WI-FI Boxes Can Be Used Anywhere

Bus WI-FI boxes are self-contained units. This allows for these boxes to easily be moved from one bus to another. Therefore, the units can be taken anywhere and access the Internet from any location where there is 4G coverage.

Building A Relationship With Your Customer Through A Landing Page

You can improve brand recognition through branded landing pages. When your customer connects to the Internet, he or she is redirected to a landing page that can include your company's logo and can also include important information. For example, if there are restrictions on how the WI-FI is used, you can include this on the landing page.

WI-FI Boxes Have Other Uses

WI-FI boxes are not only useful for providing customers with an additional amenity, but they can also be connected to CCTV systems. By doing so, you can always know what is occurring on your bus because cameras will be recording all events remotely.

Customers Of Today Demand Instant Internet Access

Consider whether your business can afford to not provide WI-FI. Bus services, especially those that travel across long distances, may not attract young customers if they do not provide adequate WI-FI services. As each generation becomes even more connected, these services become even more essential.

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