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Looking For A New Car? Why Add A Ford Escape To The Top Of The List

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If you're in the market for a new car, add compact SUVs to the list. If you're looking for luxury, you might think an SUV would be out of the question. That's not the case though. Compact SUVs, like the Ford Escape, come with all the luxury and comfort you'd expect from a sedan. But, because they're bigger, they give you more protection. This is an important feature in the event of an accident. There are other reasons to buy a compact SUV though. Before you settle on a sedan, read the list provided below. You'll find four reasons why your next car should be a compact SUV.

Room to Move

If you've got growing kids, you need plenty of room. It's not uncommon for kids to feel cramped in the back seat. Unfortunately, that can lead to fatigue and irritability. This is especially true when there's more than one child in the backseat. That's where an SUV comes into the picture. SUVs offer more interior space than sedans. That means your kids will have plenty of room to stretch out in the backseat. Plus, you'll have plenty of legroom in the front seat, as well.  

Improved Versatility

If you like to get out and have fun on the weekends, it's time to buy an SUV. Sedans are great for getting back and forth to work. However, they're not made for adventures. That's where an SUV comes in handy. SUVs provide plenty of versatility for your adventures. SUVs can take to dirt roads as easily as they can on the open highway. But, they can also get through ice and snow. When you buy an SUV, you'll have the vehicle you need for work, and for play. 

More Towing Capacity

If you want to buy a travel trailer, don't settle on a sedan. A new sedan might be able to tow a small trailer, but that's where the towing capacity ends. SUVs are different — they have an increased towing capacity. That means they can tow travel trailers and toy haulers. They can even tow a boat, if you have one of those. That means your weekend adventures won't get limited by towing capacity. 

Increased Storage Space

If you lead a busy life, you need a lot of storage space. Unfortunately, trunk space isn't always enough room for the things you need to carry. This is especially true with regard to sports equipment and work gear. That's where SUVs are different. SUVs provide increased storage space. Plus, you can lay down the back seats to give yourself even more cargo space. 

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